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Bespoke CMS

Bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS) Development to meet your business / corporate needs

SynergiDesign have extensive experience of developing high-performing, bespoke management, content management and reporting software solutions for our customers, including complicated ecommerce arrangements. The content management systems (CMS) have been developed to be cost effective and with a stable, scalable foundation to enable future needs to be easily integrated into the CMS using .Net Framework (VB.Net or ASP.Net) and SQL Server Database technology.

SynergiDesign's CMS Project Development

SynergiDesign specialises in design and technology so the professional websites and web applications we produce will look very good as well as function smoothly with the backing of the latest technology. The SynergiDesign method involves working on a detailed specification with the customer until the customer is satisfied all their requirements can be met. They will then, with the customer's confidence, lead the technical development to achieve full implementation of the specification.

Our Bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS) Clients

British Society of Interventional Radiology (BSIR)

British Society of Interventional Radiology (BSIR) Website and Bespoke CMS

British Society of Interventional Radiology (BSIR) Website and Bespoke CMS - offering Wiki-style front end editing, events booking, riegistration and management, rollback functionality and user account areas.

SynergiDesign developed a bespoke technical specification to meet their rigorous requirements including the ability for members to collaborate and update content of the website in a wiki-amendment dynamic way, the editing to be online and instantaneous with a full audit trail of changes made, by whom, when, and why, search for a doctor/consultant within specified criteria; ecommerce for various goods and services including annual membership fees; annual meeting registration; abstract submission processes; multiple micro websites within the main website and on line voting systems.

The new website was launched at the annual BSIR conference in November 2009.

Development and Design Summary:

Open QuoteThis complex project has been undertaken with professionalism, efficiency, friendliness and understanding. They have done their best to accommodate changes to the specification along the way without incurring large additional fees. Everything asked of them has been performed to and indeed above expectations in many cases. I have been most impressed with the calm way that Chetan and his team have handled the project from start to finish.Close Quote

David West, Chair of the British Society of Interventional Radiology website committee

British Society of Interventional Radiology (BSIR)

RemindMeNow - Sophisticated Diary Reminder System and Bespoke CMS

RemindMeNow is a new online tool that uses email and text message innovative reminder combinations, integrated with your personal online diary, with the added benefit of a financial bonus structure, or an income stream for schools and charitable organisations. It offers over 20 different services.

RemindMeNow bespoke CMS - user account management, transaction report, cash flow report, charity management and service management

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, India Pakistan Trade Unit (IPTU)

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, India Pakistan Trade Unit (IPTU)
Website and Bespoke CMS

IPTU bespoke CMS - events management systems, web front end and membership system

IPTU (Birmingham Chamber of Commerce) is the West Midlands regional resource on international trade and investment with South Asia, including a diary of events, initiatives, exhibitions, trade missions, day to day, and incidental detail of news and weather. Web applications for the IPTU web site include an event booking facility, secure areas, discussion forums, ecommerce and member registration etc. The site utilises a SQL database and foundation which has enabled considerable subsequent updating and addition including a detailed content management system which gives IPTU managers cost effective control over their website content. Benefiting from organic search engine optimisation, the number of hits the website receives passes 2,000,000 per month.

SoLondon Publishing Ltd

SoLondon Publishing Ltd - Sophisticated Online Magazine and Bespoke CMS

SoLondon bespoke CMS - web front end, content management system and article editor

SoLondon, a prestigious lifestyle magazine aimed at affluent Londoners, required an online counterpart which could be updated fortnightly with the full magazine content. This bespoke web development required complex functionality to provide a robust, bespoke content management system capable of creating a fortnightly online magazine was based on the highest .Net2 and CSS programming standards which included pre-set auto expiration of articles or features.

SoLondon Publishing Ltd

UK Virtual Call Centre (UKVCC) - Web Portal and Bespoke CMS

UKVCC bespoke CMS - agent management system, web front end, user management, reporting system and prospective agent management system

UKVCC provides call centre services through a network of home based agents who work entirely over the internet, utilising secure technology and broadband to enable agents to answer and make calls from home. Software development and Web applications include system generated and customer defined reports, remote coaching and supervision of agents, management of call centre functionality via the network, online agent application, secure chat rooms for agents to communicate with team leaders etc. and a password protected database.