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Synergi CMS v6 Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the Content Management System (CMS)?

The Synergi CMS V6 Pro is an integrated software system used to create, manage, and publish content directly on your website without any prerequisite programming or technical knowledge.

Q) What are the benefits of using the Synergi CMS v6 Pro?

SynergiDesign's cost-effective V6 Professional Content Management System software enables businesses and organisations to update their own website content with a feature rich system. This can be done regularly and easily using our professional content management system (CMS) software.

This ensures your web pages are always up-to-date. SynergiDesign have years of experience in creating content management system (CMS) software, implementing the newest technologies to ensure it is easy to use, robust, reliable yet affordable and reduces your on-going costs.

Q) How do Content Management Systems (CMS) work?

SynergiDesign's CMS v6 Professional Content Management System (CMS) allows any authorised staff member to make changes to your website at any location, on any browser at any time and as often as you desire. The CMS is secure and password protected.

Q) Do I need technical knowledge to use the software?

No. The CMS software gives full control for administrators and flexible privileges management for content editors and doesn't require the administrator to have any programming knowledge. The system requires simple computer skills as the software incorporates an intuitive editor with functionality similar to Word.

Q) Can the CMS be scalable or expanded for bespoke CMS requirements?

Yes, The software is designed and developed so it can be used for small and large websites and organisations.

Those organisations with additional specific requirements can be accommodated - we can develop bespoke CMS functionality to suit the business needs.

Q) What visitor and website statistics are available through the CMS software?

Website traffic analysis is a crucial part of on-line business marketing strategy. It provides information about your visitors and about the success of your website.

You simply login, then select a time span and view for various statistics.

The CMS functionality also allows site administrators to show which members are online using the software and how many people have ever visited your site.

Q) Does the CMS require specific software or Operating System?

The CMS has been developed to be cross browser compliant and is supported by the most popular modern web browsers and will function across major platforms without the need to buy specific software to run the CMS.

Q) Is Synergi v6 Pro CMS Search Engine Friendly?

Yes. The CMS software supports the adding and removal of meta data (keywords and descriptions) for webpages to provide search engines with relevant information, thus improving search engine optimisation (SEO) and increasing website traffic.

Q) What web standards does the CMS comply with?

The SynergiDesign CMS conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards. Content editors can be assured that what the CMS generates will conform to the standards.

Making sure that your website content is accessible using web technologies for all users, the SynergiDesign CMS specialises in allowing the content editor to create accessible website content. This ensures that websites that can be used by people with disabilities (Disability Discrimination Act 1995). The CMS is designed to provide for organisations that require adherence to such guidelines.

The SynergiDesign CMS is engineered to create valid XHTML / CSS compliant code - generate valid web pages.