Advanced Content Management System (CMS) Features & Functionality
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Synergi CMS v6 Pro - Features and Functionality

As technology has become more sophisticated, it has become possible to simplify procedures which once would have been carried out by web professionals. The simple tools provided by v6 Professional Content Management System (CMS) enable you to keep your business website up to date, fresh and relevant and help to reduce your ongoing costs.

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Users and Privileges Management

Users and Privileges Management

Multiple users can be added to your site and assigned customised roles. You can specify the content each person can edit or even view. The system features enterprise-level user management.

Give your administrators, authors and editors as much control as you need them to have, right down to the content level.

You can be confident of knowing the administration abilities of everyone logging into your website which will not only give you peace of mind but also the method of allocating tasks and roles. Below are listed some of the key security features:

  • Permissions may be assigned to user groups, roles, departments or individual users
  • Restrictions may apply globally, by section, category or at individual object level
  • Permissions include separate read, edit and publishing authorities
  • You can define an unlimited number of Member Groups
Rollback Functionality

Rollback Functionality

Website owners can therefore keep a visual history of website amendments, which can be extremely useful if it is necessary to revert to any previous webpage versions.

The CMS rollback functionality allows website owners to:

  • Monitor what website content has been amended and by whom
  • Compare the current version of the webpage with any previous versions via the revision history
Version Tracking

Version Tracking

Versioning provides a more powerful alternative to the above. Without the user having to backup files, different web page content versions can be tracked with version tracking functionality; this can be applied to web pages content and images.

Unlimited versioning history enables the editor to store and archive previous versions of edited content and revert to earlier content revisions if necessary.

Web administrators can assign tasks while managing Web site activity within a single environment. Content revisions can be tracked, sent through an approval chain and historical versions rolled back.

W3C Standards Compliant

W3C Standards Compliant

The SynergiDesign CMS conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards. Content editors can be assured that what the CMS generates will conform to the standards.

Making sure that your website content is accessible using web technologies for all users, the SynergiDesign CMS specialises in allowing the content editor to create accessible website content. This ensures that websites that can be used by people with disabilities (Disability Discrimination Act 1995). The CMS is designed to provide for organisations that require adherence to such guidelines.

The SynergiDesign CMS is engineered to create valid XHTML / CSS compliant code – generate valid web pages.

Front-end Wiki Style Editing

Front-end Wiki Style Editing

A feature of the V6 Professional CMS is that pages can be edited in a way similar to that made popular by the Wikipedia website.

The Administrator can give selected individuals access rights to specific pages which will allow them to add, edit or delete content without having access to the back end CMS. This provides a familiar interface which is easy to operate and ensures pages are updated regularly with relevant content.

  • A secure login restricts the access to the named individuals only
  • They can then, for example, add pages, meta tags, keywords and navigation titles, etc. as well as informational content.
  • Rollback facility allows any changes to revert back to any stage of editing, so no content can be lost and a warning is given before any deletions are accepted.
  • Any changes made can be viewed before final completion.
  • The side navigation is automatically edited.
  • You can define an unlimited number of Member Groups.
Search Engines / Meta Data Editing

Search Engines / Meta Data Editing

The CMS supports the adding and removal of meta data (keywords and descriptions) for webpages to provide search engines with relevant information, thus improving search engine optimisation (SEO) and increase website traffic.

Create New Users

Create New Users

You can appoint as many new content editors as you need, at any time, giving them permissions appropriate to their level and field.

Create New Pages

Create New Pages

SynergiDesign's V6 Professional CMS gives you the flexibility to expand your site at any time by creating new pages, for example to act as case studies, highlight new processes, products or events and generally give your site a bigger presence.

Top and Side (Multi-level) Navigation

Top and Side (Multi-level) Navigation

The CMS software enables users to manage the top / main navigation of the website, with the ability to create additional navigational menu items if needed.

The software also provides a side navigation system for sub pages of a particular website section.

Users can add CSS styling to the navigation with pre-defined menu / navigational styles.

Advanced WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor

Advanced WYSIWYG editor

Our web-based editor is designed for non-technical users; it is incredibly easy to use and user intuitive. The CMS provides a simple-to-use, familiar word processing-like environment.

  • Edit and add text to webpages
  • Add images
  • Add photo galleries
  • Embed media such as videos
  • Create links
  • Format text - bold, underline, italic, aligning, heading, paragraphs, colours etc
  • Undo and redo actions
  • Add and edit tables
  • Copy and paste from Word
  • HTML Clean up (removes unnecessary code)
  • Add super and subscripts
  • Add special Characters (£, $, > etc) in the correct and W3C compliant html code format
  • Use predefined templates
  • Add ordered and unordered bullet points
  • Carry out a content preview
  • Print
  • Use spell checker (requires user to install ieSpell)
  • Add citations and blockquotes
  • Toggle between full screen view and normal view

The CMS provides a simple-to-use, familiar word processing-like environment in which to create the content your site needs, with a vast range of intrinsic functionality.

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows non-technical content administrators to look after your website. The Web 2.0 editor will ensure that content is compatible with all the major website browsers.

WYSIWIG is designed to allow even the most non-technical users to easily update and create content to publish.

Minisites / Microsites

Minisites / Microsites

The construction of Minisites allows content editors to create "microsites" for relevant specific initiatives / business areas / departments.

Users can create an allocated microsite without having the need to have a complex nested navigation.

This functionality is useful to showcase content.



The addition of a glossary page will provide a definition of terms specific to your field to help users understand more about your products. This can also be beneficial for search engines.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross Browser Compatibility

The CMS has been developed to be cross browser compliant and is supported by the most popular modern web browsers such as;

  • Internet Explorer (IE) v6, IE v7, IE v8
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox v2 and v3

Cross browser compatibility ensures:

  • users can work with all the main web browsers
  • software provides stability and functionality across a wide range of web browsers
  • freedom from the restrictions of working with a specific web browser
  • no need to download complicated software.

Integrated Image Editor

Everything can be done through the CMS image editor, there is no need to utilise external image editing software when familiar and intuitive controls edit your images instantly without having to use complex image manipulation software.

With the advanced and user-friendly integrated image editor users can:

  • upload
  • resize
  • rename
  • rotate
  • delete
  • images right inside the CMS interface.
Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries

The SynergiDesign CMS gives you a breathtakingly simple photo gallery tool. Upload your images and you've got an instant slide-show built right in, with a choice of ways to display your images.

Just upload the pictures, rearrange and let the CMS publish your photo gallery slideshow.

You can make single uploads or upload many images at once to save time and add them to webpages.

You can also manipulate your images to:

  • reorder
  • rename
  • delete
  • add captions
  • rotate
  • resize
  • rearrange

The v6 CMS - easy and effective with full control

Our expertise, coupled with the benefits of advanced technology, gives our v6 content management system (CMS) top class functionality, specifically designed to make the maintenance of business websites easier and more effective. With built-in control over access, multiple users can be added to your site and assigned customised roles. You can specify the content each person can edit or even view. The system features enterprise-level user management

How do Content Management Systems (CMS) work?

SynergiDesign's CMS v6 Professional Content Management system (CMS) allows any authorised staff member to make changes to your website at any location, on any browser at any time and as often as you desire. The CMS is secure and password protected. Our years of experience in creating content management system (CMS) software, implementing the newest technologies to ensure it is easy to use, robust, reliable yet affordable and reduces your on-going costs.